1 Display Card

2 Statick Sticker

3 Die Cut Table Tent

4 Imprint Banner

Roll your mouse over an image for a detail. . .

This was for Icehouse Truck Drop Phase 2. My Job was to take all of the individual elements and put them together in various layouts, while maintaining a sense of continuity. The Illustrations of the Parachute, Truck, Ground, and Trees were provided, as well as a shot of some corrugated steel.


I fabricated the "wing" logo, and the metal tacker base for the product (no.2). I also "painted" the Logos on the truck (roll over 4), to blend with the Illustration, put the "painting" on a plate above the corrugated metal, then "Bolted" it on and rusted and aged it up a bit. . . Oh, I almost forgot, I also had to take the logo that I created (Art Direction by Dave Pen) and make it look like it was printed on the parachute, roll over image 1 to see a detail. Each piece had different relationships between the elements, so everything was tweaked allot to fit each size/layout. . .

FYI, the corrugated metal was greatly retouched to fit the shape and shading of each piece also. . .4 are shown here, I believe we did 8 or 10 in all. . .all are the brain child of Art/Creative Director Dave Pen.